Columbus Attractions

Discover landmark attractions in Columbus. The city named for Christopher Columbus spins around and round with attractions ideal for the world traveler or capital native. Our list makes sure that you discover the wonderful world of capital city destinations.

Actor's Theatre of Columbus
There's Much Ado About Nothing going on at the Actors' Theater of Columbus. The theater sets the stage as the city's premier Shakespeare-producing public theater, hosting productions of works from Amadeus to A Mid Summer Night's Dream for over 30 seasons in the capital city's historic Schiller Park.

Address: 1000 City Park Ave., Columbus, OH 43206 - MAP
Phone: (614) 444-6888

Columbus Symphony Orchestra
Hit a high note on your next visit to the Columbus Symphony Orchestra. Hear the sweeping sounds of the only full-time professional symphony and oldest performing arts organization in Columbus. It's your symphony encounter, guaranteed to enlighten your musical outlook through concerts, radio broadcasts, special events, and entertainment attractions.

Address: 55 E State S., Columbus, OH 43215 - MAP
Phone: (614) 228-9600

Franklin Park Conservatory
Blooming enthusiasts, visit the Franklin Park Conservatory. Visitors of all ages grow happy with the sights, scents, and attractions in bloom across the 88-acre botanical garden in downtown Columbus. Fertilize your botanical interest when you wander through exotic plant collections, special horticultural exhibits, and attend educational work shops.

Address: 1777 E Broad St., Columbus, OH 43203 - MAP
Phone: (614) 645-8733

Magic Mountain Fun
Climb a mountain of fun at Magic Mountain Fun Center . Take your turn at the capital city's number one destination for indoor fun sports and attractions. Enjoy an action-packed day filled with miniature golf, go-karts, batting cages, bumper boats, bumper cars, interactive arcade games, and redemption games with cool prizes and more!

Address: 8350 Lyra Dr., Columbus, OH 43240 - MAP
Phone: (614) 840-9600

Schiller Park
Welcome to Schiller Park, the heartbeat of the city's historic German Village District. Harkening back to WWI when American sentiments turned against all things German, the park was renamed Washington Park. Today, the enchanting park pays homage to its original name and serves as a host to attractions, historical monuments, a recreational center, a fishing pond, and center stage to the Actors' Theater of Columbus.

Address: 1069 Jaeger St., Columbus, OH 43206 - MAP

Shadowbox Cabaret
Movies that rock, rock operas, and all kinds of artist hoopla happens at the Shadowbox Live . For more than twenty years the highly imaginative and talented ensemble troupe has self-produced world-class original productions in music, musicals, sketch comedy, dark dramas, modern dance and other theater attractions.

Address: 503 S Front St., Ste. 260, Columbus, OH 43215 - MAP
Phone: (614) 416-7625

Topiary Garden
See a garden attraction pruned after George Seurat's famous post-impressionist painting "A Sunday Afternoon on the Isle of La Grande Jatte' at the Topiary Park in Columbus. Walk through the "landscape of a painting of a landscape," where for once, nature is mimicking art through larger-than-life human topiary figures, animals, and boats.

Address: 480 E Town St., Columbus, OH 43215 - MAP
Phone: (614) 645-0197